Saturday, October 23, 2010


Stop pretending pretenders :C

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bye2 Hard Rock Hotel, Penang :D

Huuuuh!!! what a holiday......
Off back home too BJ. A week and a half holiday days to go then ohno, ASiS, I'll be back.

Bye2, Badminton anybody :D

My Last Hard Rock Hotel, Penang visit review :D

Hard Rock Cafe, Penang...

Great hotel with great hospitality. Unique type of concept, Rock lovers love it. Nice rooms and very hygienic toilets. 5 stars i guess as usual. You guys should go for a holiday here. But it's quite boring for a shopaholic because there is no malls here and the nearest one is a 20 minutes drive. Teens should love coming here especially under 12 because they held activities starting from 9am to 9pm (LOL) and its free(if u stay there).
The breakfast is ok and the scenery here are great.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 2 at Hard Rock Hotel (HRH) Penang :D

Ummmh! Oh, the breakfast was ok (normal hotel breakfast).
Yeah !!! the pool was great but the best part was the four wheeled motorcycle ride by the beach or people call the vehicle ATV.
I was afraid if i was going to fall therefore the instructor helped me handled the ATV.
Today, i'm going to eat at Hard Rock Cafe... uhuh!

Btw, i saw Lee King, Kamal and Nafis at a R&R yesterday on their way to Taman Negara something.
Fun lar wehy, i want to go too but i remembered i was no longer a BJrian but i'm an ASiSian.
Nvm, my Penang holiday is great.

Exam!!!! okay lar, i got only 8 papers. 1A+, 4A and 3A-. Alhamdulillah, ade peningkatan dan ade sikit penurunan. Well, human have the time when the are up and time when they are at the bottom. Yang penting SPM :D I want to go overseas (Top Choices: Australia, UK, USA ).

Preparing to go out for dinner at 7 pm.

I would like top wish you all a Happy School Holiday and jaga diri baik2.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel review :D

My first day :D
The hotel has it's own uniqueness, lain drpd yg lain.
A lot of superstars collection here, like MJ, Bon Jovi dan many more.
Best gile, the swimming pool and sea side are beatiful and FUN !!!!!
The services here are great. Rooms luxurious and quite big lar.

Happy, Happy, yang penting kite happy :D

Baby, baby,baby OH!!!!!!

Lama kelamaan lagi Justn Bieber mcm best jer:D
oh, lari topic nak cakap hari ni!

You want to know something.....!!!!!
The rule of success in studies made by my family (father, high scorer cousins) :-
1) DON'T STAY UP - why???? not healthy my friends caused by lack of sleep and you will be sleepy the next day will not focus in class.
2)STAY DOWN - weird??? what the hell is stay down :D. Stay down means wake up early after a snorring sleep. Good for your health and for your info, the most fresh oxygen is during the morning because oxygen origanates during the night.
3) STUDY SMART, NOT STUDY HARD - normal thing de :D study something that you are weak at first then study the others.
4) EXERCISE - when you exercise your body will produce a type of hormone that makes you fill good. You will feel energetic and you can study sufficiently.

Thats all for today..... i will continue tomorrow.

Home at last :D

Yeah! baby, home at last. Out of ASiS man.
Hey! i'm in Penang btw.
Hard Rock Hotel Penang :D